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Are these quality films?

            Great films always have their origins in  great stories.  The scripts owned by the Hawkeye Farms Foundation have all won multiple awards and have had offers made upon them by major studios and distributors.

Will the films be distributed?

            Yes.  They will be distributed and represented in all markets both domestic and foreign by Plus Entertainment.

Will they be successful?  Will they make a profit?

            Yes.  Plus Entertainment has, in fact, guaranteed a 120% return on the films. If Plus Entertainment fails to deliver on their promise all rights will revert to the production entity.

What is that process?

            Mr. Pejman Partiyeli of Plus Entertainment will represent the films in both foreign and domestic markets and territories. Plus Entertainment will distribute the films or make a sale to a larger distribution company.  Foreign sales are made to territories with distributors purchasing licensing rights. (Projections upon request).

            Projections of sales are based on the performance of similar films within specific “genres”.

In addition to territorial sales, the foundation will very aggressively market the films to its affiliates; vendors and associations which will benefit from its success.

What is the split between investment/donors and producers?

            All investment will be structured on an INDIVIDUAL basis in order to best serve the needs of the individual contributor.          

The production company is associated with a non-profit charity company; the Hawkeye Farms Foundation. An individual can structure his/her investment or donation according to their individual financial needs; be they to receive the benefits from either donation through the nonprofit or as an investment

The Hawkeye Farms Foundation.  What does that mean?

            Hawkeye Farms Foundation is a 501C3 nonprofit charity.  It raises funding and awareness for children and animals through the production of entertainment events and the sale of information products.

The foundation has been active for approximately two years and has participated with a variety of orgaizations and events such as Toys 4 Tots, Juvenile Diabetes, Pegasus, the New York Polo Club, The Equine Sanctuary, EndeavourTherapeutic Horsemanship, Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball, the Humane Society, the NAACP, NSPCA, and others.

            The production company will give a portion of their proceeds from the films to charity.

How does that arrangement impact investors/donors?

            It does not.  These monies will not influence the first position repayment of investors monies (120%).  All monies either donated to or used for charity but will come entirely from the producer’s side after first recovery position (120%).

            Potential investors will have the opportunity and may choose to participate as “donors” rather than investors and derive a tax benefit as opposed to profit.

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